I am Ana Stoyanova. Your personal trainer who will be with you until you reach your goal.

I was only 16 years old when I first decided to start practicing. The physical appearance for me was one important part of a complete picture of a man. He shows how much he cares for himself and his health, and at the same time shows his solid character. I still share that opinion. I started aerobics. It was a period when there were visible changes on me, and therefore I loved my body. |

Based on my experience and hard work, I managed to create two types of weight loss / definition programs and muscle mass that are balanced, simple and interesting. Made to fit into the everyday life of this modern day for a busy mother, girlfriend and business woman.

Here I, You and all the girls we are involved, are a great family that is cheerful and motivated every day, and girls like Us fight for what they love and do not give up! Let's expand, join and make yourself stronger!